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Mobile Robotics Specialist

Welcome to the Mobile Robotics course! This course aims to equip engineering students with multidisciplinary mechanical, electronic, and computer science knowledge to succeed in the workplace. You will learn the underlying principles of mobile robots and their applications in various sectors during the course's 15 weeks. Mechanical Design of Mobile Robots, Actuators and Sensors, Control Systems, Embedded Systems and Programming, and an introduction to robotics and its applications comprise the course's first modules. You will learn about Human-Robot Interaction, Robot Ethics, Wireless Communication and Networking, Mobile Robot Design and Fabrication, Motion Control, Perception, Localization, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Navigation, and Path Planning, in the next weeks. You will get to work in a group on a project in the last few weeks of the course, where you will design, build, programme, and test a mobile robot to carry out a particular mission. You can use the ideas you've learned in the course by working on this project, which will also provide you with experience with mobile robotics. After this course, you will understand the fundamental ideas behind mobile robotics and the interdisciplinary abilities needed to manufacture and use mobile robots in various settings.

Course Structure

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Get Your Skills Certified

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After completing the course successfully, you'll be awarded a certificate affiliated by the Electronics Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI).

This accreditation guarantees that your training satisfies the highest standards set by the sector and that you are prepared to meet the demands of the robotics industry.

You'll get an advantage in the industry and be seen as a skilled robotics engineer by employers all over the world if you have this certificate in your possession.

Enroll right away to realise your full potential in the fascinating field of mobile robotics!

Our Students Our Pride


Poorvi Sidhapura

I joined HunarPro's course with no experience in robotics, but the trainers were able to break down complex concepts in a way that was easy to understand. I'm now working as a robotics engineer at Unbox Robotics!

Unbox Robotics.png
Omkar Chittar.jpeg

Omkar Chittar

I had been interested in robotics for a long time, but I didn't know where to start. HunarPro provided me with a solid foundation in robotics and helped me gain the confidence to pursue MS in Robotics.

Om Gaikwad_edited.jpg

Om Gaikwad

This robotics program exceeded my expectations in every way. The trainers were knowledgeable, the equipment was best, and the course material was engaging and practical. I would highly recommend HunarPro to anyone interested in learning robotics!

WPI Logo.png
Ayushi Arora.jpeg

Ayushi Arora

I've taken several robotics courses in the past, but this program was by far the most comprehensive and hands-on. The trainers were always available to answer questions and provide guidance, and the course materials were extremely well-organized. I'm so glad I decided to enroll!

Ganesh Dhage_edited.jpg

Ganesh Dhage

HunarPro helped me transition from a career in software development to a career in robotics. The trainers were able to highlight the similarities and differences between the two fields, and provided me with the skills and knowledge I needed to succeed in robotics. I'm so grateful for the training!


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