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The best way to predict the future is to invent it and we are inventing the future here at HunarPro!


We are Creators | Entrepreneurs | Engineers | Problem-solvers | Hustlers

Who are we?

We are a team of engineers dedicated to empowering skill development. We offer unique, hands-on learning experiences that prepare you to achieve success in your chosen career path with all the tools necessary to succeed in today’s competitive industry. We ensure that when you’re ready to start your career, you have the clarity on what's right for you and where do you stand in the industry.


HunarPro is on a mission to help students by providing hands-on training with the right tools and expertise needed to succeed in their endeavours. HunarPro’s training courses provide real-world examples that allow students to see the problem-solving process in action and learn how to apply this knowledge to their own situations. This kind of experiential learning helps students grasp concepts quickly and successfully apply them.

What's best about us?

  • Infrastructure

  • Opportunities

  • Industry Exposure

  • Advanced Technologies

  • Real World Projects

  • Placement & Internship Support

  • Network and Connections

  • Competition Partner

  • Government Certification

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Our Philosophy

1:1 Training

We believe in the philosophy that every person is
unique and has a particularly special talent which can
be nurtured and related to the skill that is being
trained, with this focus our faculties adopt the
analytical approach to identify the uniqueness and
groom champions.

Industry Ready

The courses that we offer are constantly updated
according to the industry's requirements through
our industry panel course audit. The courses are
also aligned with the Qualification Pack approved
by the various sector skill councils of India under
National Skills Development Mission, Govt. of India.

100% Hands On

If you don't touch it you can't feel it, with this
approach all our courses and programs are
focused more on doing rather than listening or
nodding. Each and every program is a complete hands-on experience where our faculties are
facilitators and mentors rather
than the
conventional teachers.

Innovation First

We are a project-oriented training organisation and
train students with focus to create innovative
products at the end of the course. We want our
students to think outside the box with their mentors'
support to drive sustainability and self employment.

Field Experts

We bring in the world-class experts and leaders from
various fields to guide our students share their
experience, network with students for projects and
consistently collaborate to enhance the training
philosophy to meet the field standards.

Industry Visits & Assignments

At HunarPro, we conduct industry visits for
students on a regular basis. We believe that theoretical knowledge is not enough,
students need to know what the industry is
expecting and mould themselves to fit in the
requirements in order to achieve higher outputs
and better packages.

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